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Our team has over 25 years of training experience

Training is the key to excellence. Whether it’s the local fire department, a military unit, or a Broadway play, rehearsal and practice is a vital part of learning how to do something well. As they say, “Practice makes perfect,” but repetition makes it stick.

Blue Ridge Services (BRS) trainers are the best of the best when it comes to understanding solid waste operations and safety. Most of our trainers have 25-plus years of experience, and every trainer is backed by our team’s cumulative solid waste experience.

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We have online and field training programs for you

Research by the National Training Laboratories indicates that when it comes to retaining new information, doing is much more effective than hearing or seeing. Even better, when someone teaches others about a specific topic, that individual has the highest likelihood of retaining that information. That’s why we’ve helped develop so many Train-the-Trainer programs. It’s also why we suggest that some responsibility for presenting team safety meetings be shared by your workers.

The best training programs are site specific. They address issues at your facility and help your crew deal with the challenges they face every day. We’ve trained thousands of solid waste workers, managers, engineers, and regulators – and we can train yours. Whether it’s online training or onsite classroom & field training, we’ve got the experience and skill to provide the best training you’ve ever had.

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