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Organics Processing Facilities

Re-evaluate the way you process organics

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Sure, you’ve heard this little rhyme, but that’s not the right question—not if you operate an organics processing facility. Indeed not. You should be less interested in how much wood it can chuck, and much more concerned with how many times it chucks the same piece of wood.

Organics processing facilities can be very costly operations due to repetitive handling. It’s not unusual for an organics operation to touch the same material 15 times or more between the time when feedstock is dumped on the ground and when finished product goes out the gate. And every time you touch it the
cost goes up.

Evaluate and streamline your process flow

Wouldn’t it be great to re-evaluate the way you process organics, and find ways to meet your goals while reducing your overall costs? It can be done.

Using our proprietary CORE™ assessment approach, we can evaluate the process flow of your system and help streamline your operation: From feedstock to product …in fewer steps …at lower cost.

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