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Comprehensive Operational Review (CORE™)

A CORE™ is all about process improvement

Everything you do at your facility – every single thing – requires an investment of time, resources, and money. Is the outcome worth the effort?

If you knew the answer, you could focus on things that provide the most benefit – and never waste resources …ever again. But at many facilities, managers are forced to make important decisions without having all the facts. A CORE™ provides those vital facts.

CORE™ is an acronym for Comprehensive Operations Review and like SHERPA™, it is also a registered trademark of our company. A CORE™ is all about process improvement – the idea that every process can be evaluated and made better. Hiring us to perform a CORE™ assessment is like having the Mayo Clinic perform a comprehensive physical exam …on your operation.

How a CORE™ can help you

Through our CORE™ program, we’ve helped hundreds of solid waste organizations reduce risk, improve operations, and save money.

Click here to download our free book on how we apply process improvement tools to the waste industry or contact us for more information on our CORE™ program.

We Should Talk

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