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Fill Sequence Plans

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you just might end up there.”

Yogi Berra

In the landfill business, you can’t afford to, “not know where you’re going,” because being lost also means lost airspace and lost money. Lost is not an option.

Most landfill managers know what it’s like to run short of fill capacity – especially during the wet season, or to have access roads or soil stockpiles in the wrong place, only to be forced to relocate them …again.

Those are planning deficiencies. They are mistakes. But they are preventable.

We’ll create the most efficient plan you’ve ever seen

Fill Sequence Plans (FSPs) are a series of carefully crafted drawings that provide step-by-step guidance for filling a landfill in the most efficient way. They cover a relatively short period of time, typically 12-18 months based on three very important criteria: the rate of inbound tonnage; the rate at which the
landfill consumes airspace; and any special considerations related to wet weather operations and other environmental issues.

When we develop a fill sequence plan, the critical aspects of the operation such as push distance, compaction efficiency, traffic layout, litter control, stormwater control, and many other things are all integrated into the most efficient plan you’ve ever seen.

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