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Airspace Information Management (AIM™)

We’ve been helping landfills manage airspace since 1988

Your landfill has one commodity – Airspace. That’s what you sell. That’s all you sell.

So, you might tell folks you’re in the solid waste business, or maybe in the landfill business. But if we get right down to it, you’re in the airspace business – period.

Even the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) classifies landfill airspace as an asset. And managing that asset is your number one job.

Here are some questions you should be able answer:

  • How much lined airspace is currently available?
  • How much total airspace does your landfill have?
  • What is your daily, weekly, or annual airspace consumption rate?
  • What is the cost of producing 1cubic yard of airspace at your landfill
  • Which activities have the greatest impact on airspace cost and consumption?

These are simple, yet vital questions. If you don’t have the answers, it’s hard to say that you’re effectively managing your landfill’s airspace.

We’ve been helping landfills manage airspace since 1988. During that time we have helped our clients save more than $1billion in airspace.

We do this through our proprietary Airspace Information Management process, or AIM™ for short.

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