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Safety Evaluation (SHERPA™)

SHERPA™ projects are about developing a tiered safety program

The waste industry is one of the most dangerous industries in the U.S. and poor communication is the reason. Management policies regarding safety and operations are not effectively being translated to the frontlines. We often hear workers tell us, “We don’t want to change. We’ve been doing it this way for 30 years.” Likely they have. But that doesn’t make their operation safe or efficient.

We’ve addressed this problem by creating our SHERPA™ program. SHERPA™ is an acronym for: Safety, Health, Equipment, Response, Productivity, and Administrative, and like the Himalayan sherpas, our SHERPA™ program carries the safety and administrative load of your facility.

Most SHERPA™ projects focus on safety, where we’ll develop a tiered safety program that flows from the top of the organization to the front-line workers, integrating policy, procedure, and practice

Implementing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Once a specific safety plan has been developed, those policies and goals must be standardized, putting everyone on the same page. We do that by creating a library of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for your operation. Workers then have specific instructions on how to work safely and efficiently. SOPs also give managers a clear yardstick for measuring employee performance and compliance.

Managers and supervisors will always shoulder much of the responsibility for implementing safe practices at the facility, but when it comes to getting safety goals and policies translated to the frontline operations, SOPs are the point of the spear.

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