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Disaster Response

Are you prepared to respond if a natural disaster happens in your service area?

Natural Disasters can strike anytime, anywhere, and with very little notice. Sure, you may have a few days to prepare for a hurricane, maybe hours for a wildfire, minutes for a tornado …and no advance warning at all for an earthquake. But what you do know is that every year a natural disaster will strike …somewhere. Are you prepared to respond if it happens in your service area?

We’ve talked about the invisibility of the solid waste industry, and whenever here is a natural disaster, that same concept applies. The headlines will cover emergency response and rescues. Politicians will be sure to get some airtime. And of course, we’ll see examples of the very real – and very tragic – pain and suffering that accompanies natural disasters. But behind the scenes – and behind the camera – solid waste workers will pick up the pieces … and they’ll do it invisibly.

But they won’t do it without lots of planning, support, and hard work. As they say, “Success doesn’t happen by accident.”

We Should Talk

Contact us if you want to have a successful response to a natural disaster.