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Gap Assessment

A Gap Assessment is all about process and policy improvement

A Gap Assessment examines the policies, processes, and practices at your facility and looks for safety, compliance, and operational deficiencies. But it does more than that. It also ranks your operation compared to regulatory requirements and industry standard practice. A Gap Assessment will identify areas where improvement is needed and will also provide a solid point of reference for addressing those issues through program changes or future training sessions.

You can think of a Gap Assessment as a lite version of a CORE™. We don’t drill down into thousands of scale transactions and review every operational and safety document. We don’t do video analysis or GPS tracking. No time-motion studies, no detailed process review. That’s a CORE™ assessment.

But during a Gap Assessment, we will examine your operation through the lens of our experience having worked at hundreds of waste facilities across North America and beyond.

The Gap Assessment Process

We begin every Gap Assessment with a broad questionnaire – to give us a good baseline of knowledge. We follow up with a couple days onsite, observing your operation and talking with your team and your customers.

In the process, we gain a very good understanding of your operation, your culture …and your issues. Like Farmers Insurance Company, “we know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two.” That experience helps us zero in on safety problems and operational deficiencies very quickly.

We’ll wrap up the Gap Assessment with a report of findings and clear, practical recommendations.

We Should Talk

Contact us to learn how a Gap Assessment can improve your operation.