Blue Ridge Services provides planning for waste facilitiesWhen it comes to your waste facility, you probably already know that planning - whether it's soil management planning, fill sequence planning, or safety planning - is absolutely essential to running an efficient, safe operation.

But in reality, planning often takes a back seat to the day-to-day activities.

That's where we come in.

We know operations, and we know how to help you plan for efficiency in the long run.

We have developed plans for landfills, transfer stations, composting facilities, and more. Whether you are preparing to open a brand new facility, or just need help getting on track at your current facility, we can help.

We can pair planning with on-site training to ensure that what's on paper gets translated into action. Or, if you need interim management or management consulting, we can provide planning and management support during times of transition.

On-Site TrainingManagement Consulting

Operations Planning

The operation plan addresses the daily operation of the site, including the optimum cell geometry, cover operations, optimum equipment utilization, etc. In essence, the operations plan is the landfill's operations instruction manual. Click here to read more about operations planning.


Soil Management Planning

A practical and efficient soil management plan does more than just show an arbitrary sequence of site development - it shows an "optimized" operation.  When this project is complete, the landfill will have an excavation/development plan that will maximize the existing on-site soil, minimize double-handling, and push future capital costs (i.e., liner construction, closure, etc,) as far into the future as is practically possible.

Click here to read more about soil management planning.

Fill Sequence Plan

A fill sequence plan an engineering drawing that provides step-by-step guidance for filling your landfill.  In most cases a fill sequence plan is relatively short-term: covering perhaps, a period of one to two years. Click here to read more about fill sequence planning.

Health & Safety Plan Creation/Review

We’ll create a site-specific health & safety plan or review your existing health & safety plan, ensure compliance with key OSHA and Industry Safety Standards, create a full range of Emergency Response Plans, and identify any areas that create a safety risk for your crew or liability risk for you. Click here to read more about health and safety planning.

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