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Transfer Stations

Is diversion impacting your ability to transfer waste?

The term, “Garbage in – Garbage out,” is bad news for computer programs. But for transfer stations, that’s the name of the game.

Unfortunately, many transfer stations function poorly in terms of material flow because they are trying to do too many other things, beyond just transferring waste. Multi-tasking is a good thing – until it isn’t.

When you look at the numbers – when you really look at tons in and tons out – most transfer stations are in the waste-handling business. Nothing else even comes close. Yet much of their space and effort is dedicated to diversion. That’s not bad unless it impacts their primary function.

Understand your goals

Transfer Stations must have clear goals, otherwise space and effort can become dedicated to diversion and impact transferring of waste.

Using our CORE™ approach, we evaluate transfer station systems and identify ways to move trash more efficiently, while still meeting the ever-growing demand to integrate recycling programs. And we do it in the safest most efficient way.

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