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Solid Waste Operator Training (SWOT™)


Welcome to SWOT™, the waste industry’s most comprehensive Solid Waste Operator Training program, and the only program that provides certification for solid waste equipment operators.

SWOT™ trained operators may – depending on the track they’ve followed – be certified to work at any type of waste facility including a landfill, transfer station, MRF, organics processing facility, bulky collections, or other type of solid waste operation.

World-class training at your fingertips

With the SWOT™ program, you can provide your solid waste operators with world-class training, resulting in improved safety, cost savings, and efficiency.

Think about it. You spend millions permitting, designing, and constructing a state-of-the-art waste facility. You meet all regulatory requirements to ensure protection of human health and the environment. You provide your team with machines worth millions of dollars …and the keys to the gate. Then you step back and rely on them to make it happen. But have you trained them? Do they have the skills and savvy to carry the torch into the future? Well, you’re hoping they do, and you’re betting everything you’ve got on it.

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