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Process Improvement

Our process improvement approach is simple

Much of the work we do revolves around the concept of Process Improvement – the same procedure used by some of the safest and most efficient companies in the world. Mega companies like Toyota, General Electric, and 3M perform Six Sigma or Lean analyses to cut costs, improve safety, and streamline their operations.

We apply those same tools to the waste industry to help our clients get the same benefits. Our approach is quite simple and can best be described by the acronym DMAIC. Taken from the Six Sigma approach to process improvement, DMAIC stands for:

  • Define – Defining detailed goals for each activity, down to the specifics of each sub-operation.
  • Measure – Measuring the current activities regarding resources required and results produced:
  • Analyze – Analyzing each specific activity to determine production rates and costs:
  • Improve – Identifying ways to improve each sub-task, and then rolling those into the entire operation
    to improve overall performance:
  • Control – Establishing metrics for tracking the performance and/or cost of each subtask – at each
    facility, and corporate-wide

How Process Improvement can help you

To help understand how we apply process improvement techniques to solid waste operations, please download a free copy of the book we published on Process Improvement for Waste Facilities. We’d also be happy to send you a hardcopy of this book if you contact us and request one.

We Should Talk

Contact us to learn how Process Improvement can improve your operation.