Learn how to increase efficiency, save money and improve worker safety by mastering the science of operations.

The solid waste industry is changing rapidly, budgets are limited, and recycling isn’t the magic bullet we thought it would be. Download this valuable resource to learn how to apply process improvement to your waste facility.

  • Process improvement applications in solid waste
  • How to improve safety
  • Save money and increase efficiency

Neal Bolton, P.E.


President of Blue Ridge Services Neal Bolton has 39 years of experience consulting in the solid waste industry. He is the author of the industry’s most comprehensive book on landfills operations,┬áThe Handbook of Landfill Operations, and he has written thousands of articles for industry publications. He and his team have worked at waste facilities throughout North America and abroad.

Can Process Improvement Help Your Facility?

Our team has assisted hundreds of waste facilities to improve operations by increasing efficiency and identifying safety risks. Let us partner with you.