What’s the plan? No, really, WHAT IS THE PLAN?!

Nov 25, 2020 | Blog, Landfill Safety, Safety

Do you have a plan? Does your team actually KNOW the plan? Chances are, while everyone in your operation may understand a “general” plan or daily task list, they may not be aware of what the procedures are to execute the plan, or complete those daily tasks.  That’s where Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) come in. SOPs are actionable tools that apply your safety and operations plan, to daily tasks. Good SOPs should make it clear to everyone, what to expect from each other, and should also eliminate the safety risks associated with confusion and uncertainty. Check out this short video to learn more! 

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Author Bio: Kasem Cornelius, Operations Consultant 2, 10+ years’ experience solid waste recycling industry, safety documentation and training, standard operating procedures (SOPs) 

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