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Blue Ridge Services is constantly looking for new ways to both make the waste industry safer and push towards adopting new methods and technologies. As such, we have seen a considerable gap in the market for quality media content and are taking steps to fulfill those needs. We know from experience that working with freelancers and media companies can be both challenging and expensive and they don’t understand the waste industry, so it is difficult to get what you need. That is why we have developed our own video production services department using professional grade equipment and crew. You may already know about our growing on-demand library of safety videos, but our media services don’t just stop there. Our new full services list includes:

  • On-Demand Safety Video Library
  • Customized Safety Videos for Your Organization or Facility
  • Company Marketing Videos
  • New Product Showcase Videos
  • On-Camera Interview Content
  • Equipment Training Videos
  • Virtual Reality Site Walkthroughs
  • And more!

It doesn’t just stop there. We are committed to creating creative and engaging content to keep people’s attention. That is why we offer a multitude of styles that include:

  • Professional Voice Over Work
  • Drone Video Capture
  • Virtual Reality Video Content
  • Professional Cinema Quality Camera Work
  • Stop Motion Miniature Capture With Handmade Model Sets
  • 2D Animation Graphics
  • 3D Animation Graphics
  • Video Stabilizers for On the Ground Moving Video Content
  • A Studio Set for On-Camera Interviews and Monologues with a Teleprompter for Script Reading
  • And more to come!


Contact us today about your project so we can help visualize it into a reality!

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