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The Missing Safety Link – Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Dec 23, 2020 | Planning

National surveys indicate that 90% of waste facilities DO NOT have all the required documents up-to-date and in place! And those that have them may not even be using them. That means that 90% of our workers in the industry are working without clear direction. And then we wonder why we are the 5th most dangerous industry!

You may have a health and safety plan, but when was it last updated? Has your team read the plan, and when did they read it? When are they required to review it? You may have the best intentions to train your crew and keep them safe, but if you are lacking in the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) department, you have a missing link in your operation. Check out this video to learn more about how SOPs can make or break your operation.

If you need help updating or developing SOPs for your team, contact us to get started!

Author Bio: Kasem Cornelius, Operations Consultant 2, 10+ years’ experience solid waste recycling industry, safety documentation and training, standard operating procedures (SOPs)  

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