Where can you get professional and relevant training for your employees?

From Blue Ridge Services – of course!

The Blue Ridge Services team has decades of experience in the solid waste industry. Join us for a live webinar on topics like operational efficiency, safety, diversion, and new technologies. Can’t make a live webinar? Our pre-recorded webinars are also available as part of our on-demand training library

MRF Operations – Are You Focused on the Right Things?

MRFs are under increasing pressure to produce high-quality feedstock with low levels of contamination… all while staying up-to-date on new equipment, safety practices, and fluctuating markets. This webinar will look at how to focus on the right things to maximize your facility’s operation. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2019 | 10 AM PDT

Pre-Recorded Webinars
  • Cover Soil – Too Much of a Good Thing
  • The Science of Daily Cell Construction
  • Dump vs. Sanitary Landfill: Why Managing Litter Manages Your Image
  • How to Create and Implement an Effective Equipment Maintenance Program for Your Landfill
  • Understanding ADC: The Science of Alternative Daily Cover
  • Waste Facility Operators and Regulators – Working Together
  • How to Reduce Landfill Operating Costs
  • Landfill Production and Efficiency: Time Motion Studies
  • Closed Landfill Maintenance 101
  • The Dirt on Soil Management
  • Fill Sequence Plans
  • Keep Your Cool: Fire Prevention at Waste Facilities
  • Measuring, Tracking, and Optimizing Landfill Airspace
  • Right-Sizing Machines
  • Wood and Green Waste Processing: Know Your True Costs
  • Establishing a Safety Culture at Your Waste Facility
  • Safety and Operational Issues at Construction & Demolition Landfills
  • Load Checking at Your Waste Facility
  • Public Relations & Your Facility’s Public Image
  • Effective Bird Control at Your Waste Facility
  • Spotter’s Job – Setting the Pace for the Operation