Where can you get professional and relevant training for your employees?

From Blue Ridge Services – of course!

The Blue Ridge Services team has decades of experience in the solid waste industry. Join us for a live webinar on topics like operational efficiency, safety, diversion, and new technologies. Can’t make a live webinar? Our pre-recorded webinars are also available as part of our on-demand training library

Organics Diversion – Why You Need to Start with Process Improvement

If you’re involved in the solid waste industry you know that organics diversion is on your horizon. Further, if you are operating in California, you are very aware of the SB 1383 legislation that is mandating compliance with these rules, perhaps requiring you to expand your collections routes, purchase new equipment, or even construct new facilities. Before you dive headfirst into organics diversion, join us for this webinar to take a step back and evaluate how these it will impact your current operation.

 Tuesday, September 3, 2019 | 10 AM PDT

Increasing MRF Efficiency - How to Minimize Contamination by Preventing it at Your Front Door

Contamination is the industry’s dirty word… literally. High contamination rates was the driving force behind China’s National Sword in 2018, and now, materials recovery facilities are faced with the challenges of fluctuating markets and the pressure to produce cleaner feedstock. But contamination isn’t an issue that can be solved easily. This webinar will look at how MRFs can work to minimize contamination by preventing it at the front door.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019 | 10 AM PDT

MRF Operations – Are You Focused on the Right Things?

MRFs are under increasing pressure to produce high-quality feedstock with low levels of contamination… all while staying up-to-date on new equipment, safety practices, and fluctuating markets. This webinar will look at how to focus on the right things to maximize your facility’s operation. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2019 | 10 AM PDT

Pre-Recorded Webinars
  • Cover Soil – Too Much of a Good Thing
  • The Science of Daily Cell Construction
  • Dump vs. Sanitary Landfill: Why Managing Litter Manages Your Image
  • How to Create and Implement an Effective Equipment Maintenance Program for Your Landfill
  • Understanding ADC: The Science of Alternative Daily Cover
  • Waste Facility Operators and Regulators – Working Together
  • How to Reduce Landfill Operating Costs
  • Landfill Production and Efficiency: Time Motion Studies
  • Closed Landfill Maintenance 101
  • The Dirt on Soil Management
  • Fill Sequence Plans
  • Keep Your Cool: Fire Prevention at Waste Facilities
  • Measuring, Tracking, and Optimizing Landfill Airspace
  • Right-Sizing Machines
  • Wood and Green Waste Processing: Know Your True Costs
  • Establishing a Safety Culture at Your Waste Facility
  • Safety and Operational Issues at Construction & Demolition Landfills
  • Load Checking at Your Waste Facility
  • Public Relations & Your Facility’s Public Image
  • Effective Bird Control at Your Waste Facility
  • Spotter’s Job – Setting the Pace for the Operation