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On-Site/Field Training

Why spend money sending someone to a conference, hoping they’ll learn something and bring it back to the rest of the crew?  Instead, we’ll conduct customized, on-site training for your entire crew.

Our training programs range from generic 1-4 hour sessions, to custom 1-2 day sessions that deal with operational issues specific to your site. As an example, one of our training programs focused directly on maximizing scraper productivity at a 6,000 ton/day landfill where they used three 637 scrapers. Other sessions have had a broader scope, addressing the needs of municipalities that operated a variety of landfills. At landfills which were nearing closure, or where airspace was very expensive, other training programs have concentrated on cell construction and efficient cover placement techniques.

We’ve trained thousands of landfill workers in nearly 30 states across the U.S. and abroad and have earned a reputation for providing practical, real-world training.

  • Our on-site/field training programs are presented in an informal, hands-on manner.

  • Participation by the trainees will be encouraged throughout the program.

  • Our approach is to channel employee experience into a standard method of operation and a feeling that teamwork works — heavy-handed management and training does not work.

If your crew has come to a fork in the road, let us help you customize a training program that meets your specific needs… and keeps them on the right track.

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