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Safety Video Training

Where can you get professional and relevant safety training for your employees?

From Blue Ridge Services – of course!

Blue Ridge Services, Inc. has developed a revolutionary safety training subscription program. Sign up for an annual subscription and receive a monthly packet, filled with everything you need to provide excellent training for your employees: high-quality DVDs, participant booklets, teacher’s manuals, posters, and sign-off sheets.

Safety Training Package Components

Each landfill safety video topic includes the following package components:

Safety Videos

The safety DVDs include lots of photos and live footage from landfill sites. This relevant information is presented in an informal and conversational style… in keeping with our reputation for practical, nuts-and-bolts training.


The posters highlight each topic’s message by representative photos and short statements pulled directly from the safety video. They are printed in color on 11″ by 17″ poster paper. Posters are also available individually.

Instructor’s Manual

The instructor’s manual is designed to guide the presenter of the safety meetings through each step. Along with text from the employee’s booklet, the teacher’s manual includes additional sidebar notes.

Sign-off Sheets

Helps you keep track of who has attended the safety training sessions.

Booklets (10 included)

Every employee who attends the safety session will receive a booklet, which includes graphics and text written in a clear, understandable way. Employees will want to keep the booklets to use for later reference.

Tailgate Updates

You will also receive 3 agendas for conducting weekly tailgate safety meetings. The topics follow the same theme as the monthly videos and will help to reinforce that topic. Sign-off sheets are also included for all of the tailgate meetings.

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In 2000, nearly 4 million American workers were injured and over 5,000 workers died as a result of work-related accidents. Safety is a big issue, especially at landfills, where the mix of heavy equipment, traffic, and trash can often spell disaster for the untrained worker.

This is the only video safety program on the planet developed specifically for landfills and transfer stations, with more than 70 topics available. Click below for a full list of our safety training topics.

Landfill Safety Training Topics

#     Topics
1     Basics of Landfill Safety
2     The Basics of Spotter Safety
3     Equipment Safety – General Issues
4     Handling Difficult Loads
5     Working in Dusty Conditions
6     Traffic Safety
7     Protection from Bees, Wasps and Yellow-jackets
8     Handling Offensive Loads
9     Dozer Safety – General Issues
10     Spotter Safety – Communicating With Drivers
11     Emergency Response Plans – General
12     The Hazards of Scavenging
13     Working in Extreme Weather – Hot Weather
14     Emergency Response – Fire Prevention
15     Emergency Response – Fire Control
16     Water Truck Safety – General
17     Personal Protective Equipment – PPE
18     Compactor Safety
19     Hearing Protection
20     Maintenance & Repair – Putting Tools Away
21     Rain Storms – Wet Weather
22     Bloodborne Pathogens
23     Dozer Safety – Pushing to the Face Stage 1
24     Dozer Safety – Pushing to the Face Stage 2
25     Methamphetamine Lab Waste
26     Working in Extreme Weather – High Winds
27     Loader Safety
28     Poisonous Snakes
29     First Aid – General
30     Backing Safety
31     Personal Protective Equipment – Eye Protection
32     Road Safety for Drivers and Operators
33     Machine Maintenance – General
34     Dealing with Unruly Customers
35     Trench Safety
36     Shop Safety
37     Slips, Trips & Falls
38     Working Safely Off-the-Job
39     Evacuation Plans
40     Scraper Safety
41     Methane Gas Safety
42     Emergency Response – Hazardous Materials
43     Working in Extreme Conditions – Cold Weather Phase 1
44     Working in Extreme Conditions – Cold Weather Phase 2
45     Confined Spaces
46     Equipment Safety – Fueling Machines
47     Slope Stability – Excavation Slopes
48     PPE – Hand Protection
49     Equipment Safety – Machine Fires
50     Safe Lifting Procedures
51     Sexual Harassment
52     Ladder Safety
53     Load Checking
54     Call Before Digging
55     Leachate Management
56     Green Waste Issues
57     Excavating Old Trash
58     Hazard Communication & Understanding a MSDS
59     Electrical Safety
60     Tire Safety
61     Natural Disaster Response Plan
62     Hard Hat Safety
63     Asbestos Safety
64     Lightning Safety
65     Hydraulic Safety
66     Stopping Distance
67     Night-time Operations
68     Bird Safety
69     Lock-Out, Tag-Out
70     Landfill Odors: Safety Issues

Transfer Station Safety Training Topics
  1. The Basics of Transfer Station Safety
  2. The Basics of Spotter Safety
  3. Equipment Safety – General Issues
  4. Handling Difficult Loads
  5. Traffic Safety
  6. Bloodborne Pathogens
  7. Working in Dusty Conditions
  8. Handling Offensive Loads
  9. Spotter Safety – Communicating with Drivers
  10. Equipment Safety: Loader
  11. First Aid
  12. Personal Protective Equipment – PPE
  13. Emergency Response Plans – General
  14. Scavenging
  15. Hearing Protection
  16. Methamphetamine Lab Waste
  17. Shop Safety
  18. Working in Extreme Weather – Hot Weather
  19. Working Safely Off the Job
  20. Emergency Response – Evacuation Plan
  21. Maintenance & Repair – Putting Tools Away
  22. Slips, Trips & Falls
  23. Emergency Response – Hazardous Materials
  24. Working in Extreme Conditions – Cold Weather Phase 1
  25. Working in Extreme Conditions – Cold Weather Phase 2
  26. Confined Space Plan
  27. Fueling Safety
  28. Dealing With Unruly Customers
  29. PPE – Hand Protection
  30. Machine Fires