Soil Management Planning

A practical and efficient Soil Management Plan does more than just show an arbitrary sequence of site development - it shows an "optimized" operation.  When this project is complete, the landfill will have an excavation/development plan that will maximize the existing on-site soil, minimize double-handling, and push future capital costs (i.e., liner construction, closure, etc,) as far into the future as is practically possible.

When we conduct soil management planning for a landfill, we follow these steps:

  • A SMP plan begins with an accurate inventory of available (on-site) soils, and an estimate of when it will become available. 

  • We utilize the annual topographic data and the base/final grading plans developed by the design engineer.

  • Using this information we will proceed by reviewing the recommended excavation scenarios proposed by the design engineer (i.e., the Final Grading Plan), while coordinating the excavation of soil with the on-going landfill operation. 

  • Our work will also include a projection of when specific volumes of soil will be needed.

  • Finally, this information, along with the major cost items associated with all activities will be plotted on a timeline so that the timing and associated cash flow can be evaluated. We will calculate the Net Present Value (NPV) for various excavation sequencing scenarios.  Based on our economic analysis- and adjusted to match other requirements (i.e., is it practical and buildable?), we will identify the most efficient, practical and cost-effective scenario. 

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The Soil Management Plan will identify the optimum excavation scenario for the landfill, while presenting it in a practical format your landfill team can easily understand and follow.

Interested in learning more about soil management planning? We offer an on-demand webinar "The Dirt on Soil Management: Reducing Costs & Increasing Efficiency."

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