Fill Sequence Planning

Landfill Fill Sequence Plans

You’ve seen short-term landfill sequence plans, so has your crew.

  • But were the plans clear?

  • Were they understandable?

  • And, could your crew go out and build what was shown on the plans?

Most often the answers are, “No.”

Well, we’ve solved that problem by creating an animated 3D plan that shows lift-by-lift, how the landfill is to be constructed. Simple and effective. Let’s get your landfill crew working together by putting your landfill on the big screen.

Blue Ridge Services is pleased to bring you another industry first – 3D Video Active Fill Sequence Plans


What is a fill sequence plan?

It’s an engineering drawing that provides step-by-step guidance for filling your landfill.  In most cases a fill sequence plan is relatively short-term: covering perhaps, a period of one to two years.

  • Where will your next tipping pad be located?

  • Will your current lined area last until next year?

  • Are your access roads, stockpiles and haul roads in the best location for the longest use?

Landfill sequence plans provide answers to these and other questions. They do more than just show an arbitrary sequence of filling - they show an "optimized" operation.

Optimizing a site's sequence plans insures that the overall operation is as productive and cost-effective as possible. An optimized sequence plan also provides the basis for budgeting and scheduling major landfill projects. Quantifying and ensuring adequate filling capacity - especially during wet weather - is included as well.

Let us create your fill sequence plan!

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