Create/Review Operations Contract

Operations Contracts

Many landfills are operated under a contract.  Whether you are the owner of the landfill or the operator, it’s important to have a clear agreement.  There are essentially two parts: the legal part – with all of the terms and conditions …and the work part – with a description of roles and responsibilities for each party.

We recommend you have an attorney review the legal portion of the agreement.  The Uniform Commercial Code provides certain standards, but there can be state-specific variations in regard to the terms and conditions.  But when it comes to the work portion – how the landfill is supposed to be operated – we can help.  We’ve helped develop and review contracts for landfills ranging in size from very small facilities …up to regional landfills handling thousands of tons of waste per day.  And in every case, the key to success – for both parties – was clarity.

  • Responsibility and Authority

    Nothing destroys the relationship between owner and operator faster than a blurred line between responsibility and authority.  Clarification is vital.

  • Locking in the Operation

    All good contracts are based on a solid understanding of how the facility works.  We’ll help you understand, define and express your operational goals where it counts the contract.

  • Incentive Programs

    Financial incentives can be a great way for both parties to give their best effort …and reap the benefits.  Using our proprietary LANDOP model, we’ll help you set fair, measurable incentives.

There are hundreds of landfills across North America being operated under contract.  Many of these arrangements work well, most of them could be improved, and some of them are disastrous.

A good contract is based on knowledge – knowledge of what needs to be done, how it will be done, and who will be doing it.  When both parties agree and the contract reflects that agreement, everybody is happy.

In terms of providing operational review, we have worked on numerous projects involving the relationship between facility owner and operator.  Covering virtually every aspect of this issue, we have developed new operating contracts and reviewed existing ones.  We have assisted private firms with development of competitive bids and helped owners evaluate contractor performance under existing contracts.  We have developed detailed operating cost estimates and budgets and evaluated a variety of incentive programs intended to encourage operator performance.

Every landfill is unique and so are their respective operating contracts. Contact us today and let us develop an operations contract for your specific needs.

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