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Most waste facility costs are related to operations.  Pushing and compacting, transporting and processing recyclables at a materials recovery facility (MRF), driving a truck and picking up cans on a collections route, capping a landfill and sucking out the gas, managing safety training at a transfer station.  Those things all cost money.

In fact, the Solid Waste Association of North America estimates that more than 60% of a facility’s costs are related to operations.

We are not accountants.  We’re engineers who just happen to have practical, nuts and bolts experience in waste facility operations. Our team applies process improvement to every aspect of the waste industry.

Our consultants and engineers have spent years working in the waste industry, as operators, laborers, managers, and consultants. They know operations from the ground up and have helped hundreds of facilities around the world to improve efficiency, cut costs, and increase revenue.

Our Comprehensive Operational Review (CORE) offers a comprehensive look at your entire operation. But sometimes, you might not have the budget or the need for an in-depth review.

Maybe you want to take a closer look at one aspect of your operation, like your compaction efforts. Or perhaps your load check program isn’t working.

We offer focused reviews on any aspect of your operation. Using video to analyze your operation, we will conduct various efficiency assessments such as Value Stream Mapping and Activity Sampling, run the results through our proprietary computer model and provide you with a detailed report.

We will create a site-specific plan that outlines every aspect of your waste facility’s operation – safety, equipment, personnel management, environmental reporting/inspections, waste handling, etc. You will essentially have a customized plan for running your site in the most efficient manner.

A site-specific operation plan is an integral part of your entire operation. Often, an operation plan is intended to work hand-in-hand with the optimized fill sequence plans, and much of the information provided in the operations plan is used to develop the fill sequence plans. The operation plan addresses the daily operation of the site, including the optimum cell geometry, cover operations, optimum equipment utilization, etc. In essence, the operations plan is your facility’s operations instruction manual.

Many waste operations are operated under a contract.  Whether you are the owner of the facility or the operator, it’s important to have a clear agreement.  There are essentially two parts: the legal part – with all of the terms and conditions …and the work part – with a description of roles and responsibilities for each party.

We recommend you have an attorney review the legal portion of the agreement.  The Uniform Commercial Code provides certain standards, but there can be state-specific variations in regard to the terms and conditions.  But when it comes to the work portion – how the waste facility or collections operation is supposed to be operated – we can help.  We’ve helped develop and review contracts for waste facilities ranging in size from very small facilities …up to massive facilities serving large cities and handling thousands of tons of materials per day.  And in every case, the key to success – for both parties – was clarity.

In terms of providing operational review, we have worked on numerous projects involving the relationship between facility owner and operator.  Covering virtually every aspect of this issue, we have developed new operating contracts and reviewed existing ones.  We have assisted private firms with development of competitive bids and helped owners evaluate contractor performance under existing contracts.  We have developed detailed operating cost estimates and budgets and evaluated a variety of incentive programs intended to encourage operator performance.

We’ve developed competitive bid models for landfills and transfer stations, and we can help you prepare a competitive operational budget that is thorough and realistic. If you are ready to run a lean, efficient operation, contact us today to discuss your needs.

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