Operations Review/Assessment

Operations: It's Where the Money Is

Operations Review/Assessment

Blue Ridge Services is the expert in landfill efficiencyMost waste facility costs are related to operations.  Pushing and compacting, excavating and covering, lining it, capping it and sucking out the gas.  Those things all cost money.

We are not accountants.  We’re engineers who just happen to have practical, nuts and bolts experience in waste facility operations.



It's where the money is.

Our consultants and engineers have spent years working in the waste industry, as operators, laborers, managers, and consultants. They know operations from the ground up, and have helped hundreds of facilities around the world improve efficiency, cut costs, and increase revenue.

Below is a list of the operational assessment/review services we offer.

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We can develop a customized assessment package for your facility. Click on the links below for more information on these services:

The free, 30-minute video on efficiency below is taught by Blue Ridge Services president Neal Bolton.