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Expert Witness

Neal Bolton is one of the waste industry’s most recognized and respected writers and speakers. He is a full-time consultant on landfill operations and safety. Based on over three decades of experience, he has provided expert research, opinion and testimony in regard to landfill operations and safety on a variety of cases – both civil and criminal.


Mr. Bolton is a registered civil engineer with more than 32 years experience in heavy construction and landfill operations. He has worked as a laborer, equipment operator, foreman, superintendent and estimator, and has managed, evaluated and/or provided consulting services for approximately 200 landfills ranging in size from 7 tons per day to over 20,000 tons per day. His experience covers virtually every aspect of landfill operation and safety.

Safety Training Program

Under Neal’s direct supervision, his firm has developed over 120 safety/training videos.  Some have been translated into Spanish and Greek.


Neal has written over 150 articles on landfill operations/design and two books: “The Handbook of Landfill Operations” and “The Handbook of Landfill Safety.” He is familiar with the standard of care expected of landfill engineers, landfill operators and equipment operators.

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