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Readin’, Writin’ and Waste Management

At your landfill, you probably have some sort of employee training in place. Maybe it’s equipment training – how to get the most out of your compactor or dozer. Or maybe, you have some sort of safety video you play in the breakroom. Perhaps you post announcements on a bulletin board.

But what about your customers? What sort of training do you have for them? (Check out this link to information about a solid waste household training program in the Philippines).

That’s right, I’m talking about the family that comes in on Saturday afternoons to dump a load of landscape waste. Or the elderly couple that drives their station wagon up to the active face to carefully (and slowly) unload plastic waste bags.cd54_slide03

For many people, a once-and-a-while trip to the landfill might very well be the only exposure to the world of waste management.

And they might have some questions. Here are some that might come up… you will want to have an answer:

-Does your landfill offer composting disposal and/or purchase?

-What about a website? Do you have one? (Hint: You need one).

-Can my child and/or pets get out of the vehicle?

-Can I bring hazardous wastes (like lead-based paint, batteries, etc.) to the landfill?

-Where can I recycle stuff?


What are some other questions that your customers have? How have you addressed those questions?

By Sarah Bolton

Sarah Christine Bolton, New Business Development Manager, 15+ year multi-media content creation and marketing

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