Prevent and Control Landfill Fires

Jun 13, 2011 | Blog, Uncategorized

Not every landfill has had to deal with a fire, but every landfill has the potential.  When you combine hot summer days, heavy equipment and tons of flammable material, you increase the chance of having a fire.

One of the simplest ways to prevent landfill fires is to keep hot loads out of the landfill. Keep a close look-out for smoke.  Use your eyes and your nose.  Often smoke is most visible in the early morning.

Landfill fires can occur from a variety of sources like hot loads, landfill equipment or chemical reactions. Wildfire from off-site is another risk.

Keep the vegetation around your site maintained, and consider building firebreaks to protect your property, equipment, and structures. Our affiliate company, Terra-Track, offers landfill site maintenance services, including construction of firebreaks and customized care around structures like landfill gas lines.

Reduce your risk and train your crew how to prevent and control landfill fires.

Preventing Landfill Fires is Safety Topic #14
Controlling Landfill Fires is Safety Topic #15

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