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Organics Diversion (SB 1383) – Why You Need to Start with Process Improvement

Dec 28, 2020 | Operational Assessments

“Recycling” sounds so dated. These days if you are in the “know”, you call it diversion. And why should you divert organics anyway? Because organics diversion is drastically increasing. In fact, in 1970, less than 1% of yard waste was recycled, and today that number is 61%!

Due to Senate Bill 1383 (SB 1383), new guidelines may require you to change your collections operation, purchase new equipment, adopt different processes, and maybe even construct new facilities.

So where do we start? Food waste is a big piece of the solid waste pie. Green waste, textiles, cotton socks, or any other item that is technically organic could also be diverted. Does that mean we should start a cotton sock recycling program? Probably not! We need to focus on getting the most bang for the buck.

Focus on where the numbers are. In order to do that you must identify what you are looking for. Not all organics or recyclable materials are the same.  Check out the following video to learn how you can improve your process to save money and maximize return in your organics diversion program.

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Author Bio: Jason Todaro, Solid Waste Operations Consultant, 20+ years’ experience varied heavy construction, utility, and solid waste industries, on-site training.

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