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Operating a landfill – like any other manufacturing process – consists of a series of repetitive tasks. In fact, many landfill tasks are performed hundreds of times per day …with millions of repetitions over the life of the landfill. To achieve peak performance, it is vital that these tasks be performed at the highest level of efficiency.


The landfills that are surviving – even thriving – in today’s competitive market, are the ones that have streamlined their operation, task-by-task …until the entire operation functions smoothly and efficiently.

A Time-Motion Study:
1. Is based on a detailed review of several days of video;
2. May include thousands of individual data points;
3. Measures the time required to perform each task (and subtask);
4. Identifies variation within the system;
5. Allows us to compare Current Performance with Ideal Performance;
6. Provides a baseline for measuring Improvement;

The webinar is Thursday, December 15, 2011 at 9 a.m. (Pacific Time). Interested in attending? You can register here.

Taught by Neal Bolton, a Civil Engineer with over 34 years in heavy construction and landfill operations and author of “The Handbook of Landfill Operations,” the webinars are 60 minutes long, and include a free PDF of the training guide.

The great thing about a webinar? No travel costs, you can participate from your office/home computer, and you can literally attend during your lunch/coffee break.

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