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Maximize Airspace with Efficient Short-Term Fill Sequence Planning

Dec 28, 2020 | Airspace Management Planning, Fill Sequence Planning

Do you operate a landfill? If you do, then you know that airspace is your most valuable commodity.  But how you plan to fill will drastically impact how long your airspace lasts, which will ultimately affect your bottom line. Chances are your site has a general plan that shows where and how to fill. Do your operators all have a general idea of how to implement the plan? But how detailed is your plan? Does it show how to integrate, layer by layer, lift cell by lift cell, or daily cell by daily cell? Is it ready to upload to your equipment’s GPS program or surveyor? The more detailed you are, the more airspace you will save and the longer your site will last. Check out the following video to learn more!

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Author Bio: Troy Kechely, Engineering Consultant 3/CAD & GIS Manager, 20+ years site development projects, airspace management, litter mitigation

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