Right of Entry

Our team is currently working on prioritizing the highest hazard zones (HHZ) in Mariposa County, based on access (ingress/egress), traffic load, tree density, and population served. We will then prioritize those areas into individual projects and begin the process of collecting Right of Entry Permits (forms).

A signed Right of Entry Permit gives our team and contractors permission to enter your property to mark and fall trees that could directly impact county infrastructure. Our team is not authorized to fall all dead or dying trees on your property, only those that directly impact County infrastructure such as County roads, County parks, County buildings, etc.

We will soon start mailing Right of Entry Permit (forms) to private property owners – starting with the highest priority HHZs first. You can help by promptly returning the completed forms.  

If you have dead trees on your property that could impact county infrastructure, and are willing to sign a Right of Entry Permit (form) – even before you receive a form in the mail – you can also obtain Right of Entry Permit (forms) below.