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Litter Management and Mitigation

No matter how much effort is put into litter control, some litter will blow. Aggressively containing and capturing litter at the point of generation – most typically at or near the active face – can help greatly reduce overall costs and regulatory issues. In the absence of a well laid out and effective plan, litter can spread throughout a landfill, which is costly to clean up, can cause problems with regulatory compliance, and can negatively impact the public’s perception of a landfill’s integrity.

There are many different approaches to managing litter, but the most effective approach comes down to three components: baseline data so you understand where litter is originating from, a tailored plan to capture litter, and consistently adjusting and maintaining the infrastructure as conditions change.

Our team has also pioneered the use of wind modeling data – based on Computational Fluid Dynamics – to map the unique wind flow at landfills and create digital prototypes of litter fence configurations. In other words, we can create a mock-up of litter control for a site and then test it in a virtual world, which helps solve the litter problem faster and with more accuracy.

If you need help improving your current litter strategy or don’t even know where to start, we can help. Contact Troy Kechely at [email protected] to get started today.

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