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Most landfills have experienced problems of having to double-handle soil stockpiled in the wrong place. Or constructing a road and finding out that it’s in the way of the new fill area. Or getting part way through the wet season and then suddenly realizing there isn’t enough capacity to last until dry season. These are common problems with a simple solution: fill sequence planning.

What is a fill sequence plan? It’s an optimized engineering drawing that provides step-by-step guidance for filling your landfill, and also provides a basis for budgeting and scheduling major landfill projects. A plan can help you accurately schedule large capital expenditures, and will answer questions like:

• Where will your next tipping pad be located?
• Will your current lined area last until next year?
• Are your access roads, stockpiles and haul roads in the best locations to provide the longest use?

Register for this webinar, and learn how to develop a sound, practical fill sequence plan that will help you run an efficient, productive operation.

Date: Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Time: 9 a.m. (Pacific Time)

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