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Most landfills today are struggling to maintain their financial footing. Between the ongoing recession and increased diversion, disposal tonnage is down – and so is revenue. This intensifies competition, making tipping fee increases unpopular – and often counter-productive.

So why do some landfills thrive while others struggle to survive? Because some have learned to operate with Effective Efficiency: They do the right things – and do them well – over and over again. Want to make changes that matter? The answer is in the Operation.

We are launching a brand new series of webinars designed for any and all professionals employed in the landfill industry. Taught by Neal Bolton, a Civil Engineer with over 34 years in heavy construction and landfill operations and author of “The Handbook of Landfill Operations,” the webinars are 75 minutes long, and include a free PDF of the training guide.

The great thing about a webinar? No travel costs, you can participate from your office/home computer, and you can literally attend during your lunch/coffee break.

Want to sign up or find out more information? Click on the link below:

Contact us at 805.461.6850

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By Sarah Bolton

Sarah Christine Bolton, New Business Development Manager, 15+ year multi-media content creation and marketing

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