How Much Money Are You Losing?

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Do you know how much money you are losing at your landfill every year?  Here’s a hint: It’s probably a lot. Especially during these uncertain times, not knowing how efficiently you are managing your airspace can create big financial problems down the road.

While nothing can be 100% efficient, the impact of being not efficient versus efficient can be dramatic.  Let’s take landfill airspace for example. Anyone who has been in the waste management business more than a few years understands that the more efficient you are with the daily process of placing waste and covering it, the more money you make. It’s simple math.  If you have a steady amount of tonnage coming in that consumes a certain amount of airspace every day but you increase your efficiency so that the same amount of tonnage consumes less airspace, then your site lasts longer and you make more money.   In the long run, simple operational changes can mean big savings.  But what about how you sequence your fill? Can that save you money? You bet it can! 

Check out the following video, and then contact us to learn how you can start planning better and saving more, today!

By Elizabeth Ruth Bolton

Elizabeth Bolton is the Blue Ridge Services accounts manager, specializing in client support and brand outreach. Her background includes: marketing, brand development and campaign management, sales training and consulting, technical writing, education and fitness. Certifications: Global TESOL, Power Pilates

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