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Gap Assessments

Does your operation have operational or safety gaps? Do you know there are problems but can’t quite put your finger on what those problems are? That’s where Gap Assessments come in.

A Gap Assessment is a “snapshot” review that compares current operations to optimized operations. When we conduct a Gap Assessment, we research and observe a specific operation as much as possible in a brief window of time and identify high priority areas where additional written programs, training, or improved work practices are needed.

Every individual task in a solid waste operation inherently has a financial cost and level of safety risk associated with it. And we have found that fully implementing improvements to health and safety inherently benefit operational efficiency, and vice versa.

A typical gap assessment starts with an on-site visit so our project managers can immerse themselves in your day-to-day operation. We gather data through video, photos, and conversations with landfill staff, and then spend time analyzing the information. The final deliverable is a Gap Assessment summary report that gives you the insight to start making changes that will impact your overall operations.

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