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Comprehensive Operational Review (CORE™)

A Comprehensive Operations Review, referred to as a CORE, is an efficiency audit – a technical review – of your waste facility. It provides you with a practical evaluation of what’s working …and what’s not.

We evaluate your operation from top to bottom, looking at equipment, labor, site development, planning, airspace utilization, soil usage, surface water, management, safety, litter control, etc.  If it’s part of your waste facility’s operation …it’s covered.

Then we measure the productivity of scores of individual activities using our proprietary operations models.

Finally, we present the results in a detailed report that provides step by step instructions on how to improve your waste facility’s efficiency, and how those improvements translate into savings. We’ll also provide an excel-based Manager’s Report so you can track your progress on a weekly basis.

    “The review provided excellent suggestions for management and planning purposes to operate our North County Recycling Center and Sanitary Landfill with vastly improved efficiency. The review was very practical in that we walked away with tools of application.”

    Desi Reno

    Integrated Waste Manager, San Joaquin County

    How Do We Do It?

    We use Lean Engineering, Time-Motion Studies, Six Sigma and various other productivity improvement tools to help your waste facility operation reach peak performance.

    Practical Benchmarks

    If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.   Once we’ve identified the optimum operating methods for your waste facility, we’ll establish practical benchmarks and a simple tracking system to keep your waste facility’s operation on track.

    Ongoing Support Services

    We’ve been in business for 21 years – we’ll be there when you need us …keeping your operation lean and competitive.

    Gap Assessment 

    Not ready for an in-depth CORE? Don’t have the budget for a comprehensive evaluation? We also offer gap assessments. We can focus on a “snapshot” review that compares current operations to optimized operations and gives you insight into gaps in your operation.

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