What’s the plan? No, really, WHAT IS THE PLAN?!

Do you have a plan? Does your team actually KNOW the plan? Chances are, while everyone in your operation may understand a "general" plan or daily task list, they may not be aware of what the procedures are to execute the plan, or complete those daily tasks.  That's...

Breaking Through: Implementing Operational Change to a Resistant Crew

An informative piece with practical suggestions for dealing with a crew resistant to change.

Big Solutions for Big Litter Challenges

Landfills and litter are synonymous. Take garbage, add wind (common at most landfills), and you have litter. The question is: how do you deal with it? Are your solutions reactive or proactive? Do you have a good handle on your litter problem or are you raising the...

SWANA Partners with BRS

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 13, 2014 Wendy Melis Director, Marketing 1-800-GO-SWANA (467-9262) wmelis@swana.org   SWANA Partners with Blue Ridge Services, Inc. To Offer New Landfill Safety Training Program  Silver Spring, MD – The Solid Waste Association of North...

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Neal Bolton @ ISOSWO Spring Conference

Blue Ridge Services president Neal Bolton will be presenting a five-part series titled, “Increasing Efficiency at Landfills and Transfer Station Facilities,” April 3 and 4 at the ISOSWO/APWA Spring Conference. Click the link for more information or to register....

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Join us at WASTECON®!

Will you be at WASTECON® in Long Beach, California next week?! Come see us at Booth #825! Neal Bolton and the Blue Ridge Services team will be there all week!   Contact us at 805.461.6850 info@blueridgeservices.com www.blueridgeservices.com Connect with us online...

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Running Out of Airspace?

Why do so many landfill managers/owners list liner construction as one of their most significant costs… yet put so little effort into finding ways to make the existing airspace last as long as possible? Usually it’s because they don’t know how to do it. It’s a simple...

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Fill Sequence Planning Webinar

What is a fill sequence plan? It’s an optimized engineering drawing that provides step-by-step guidance for filling your landfill, and also provides a basis for budgeting and scheduling major landfill projects.

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New Webinar: Time Motion Studies

Operating a landfill – like any other manufacturing process – consists of a series of repetitive tasks. In fact, many landfill tasks are performed hundreds of times per day …with millions of repetitions over the life of the landfill. To achieve peak performance, it is...

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