SHERPA | Critical Waste Facility Plans

The Backbone of Your Operation

What Are SHERPA Critical Waste Facility Plans?

SHERPA Critical Waste Facility Plans are the backbone of your facility. They provide a guide for your team to work safer and more efficiently. Properly implemented, they can provide a buffer against regulatory violations, lawsuits, lost profits, and safety risks.



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Where does your facility rank? Do you have some plans in place, but are lacking others? Do you have a safety plan just gathering dust on your bookshelf? Are your operators following comprehensive equipment maintenance plans?

We can help address these challenges. We understand that running a waste facility is a big job. And we want to help make your job just a little bit easier.

Browse the categories below and contact us for a customized price quote. Then, click the Download Checklist button for a free PDF that will help you evaluate your existing documents.

Safety Essentials

Safety is essential to every waste facility operation. Your crew and customers’ lives depend on it. Let us help you create customized, actionable safety plans that will help keep your facility running safely.

This is a partial list of safety plans that might be part of your overall Safety Essentials package:

  • Injury and Illness Prevention Plan
    • Hazard Assessment Checklist
    • Identified Hazards and Correction Record
    • Investigation/Corrective Action Report
    • Worker Training and Instruction Record
    • Accident Reports
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Evacuation Plan
    • Evacuation Map/Posters
  • Confined Space Plan
  • Hazard Communication Plan
  • Blood Borne Pathogens Plan
  • Tailgate Safety Meeting Program
    • Sign In Sheets
    • Required Topic List
  • Confined Space Entry Plan
  • Hazardous Material Response Plan
  • Fire Control and Prevention Plan
  • Hearing Conservation Plan
  • Eye Protection Plan
  • Spill Cleanup Plan
    • Spill Kit Checklist
    • Spill Cleanup Record
  • Worker Environment Plans
    • Heat Stress Plan
    • Cold Stress Plan
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Landfill Tour/School Tour Plan
  • Monthly General Safety Program

Operations Essentials

More than 60% of the total budget for a waste facility goes to operations. And yet, many facilities are operating blindly, with little to no planning. Whether you need a brand new operations plan, or just need help with a few outdated areas, our team can help. We have been improving operations 1989, and have saved our clients millions.

This is a partial list of operational plans that would be part of your overall Operations Essentials package:

  • Dust Control Plan
    • Water Truck Log
  • Fill Sequence Plans
  • Vector Control Plans
    • General Plans (Birds, etc.)
    • Regional Plans (Alligator, Bear, Pig, Kangaroo)
  • Load Check Plan
    • Hazardous Material Load Check Form
  • Operational Performance/Benchmark Reports
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Self-Inspection Plan
  • Surface Water Monitoring Plan
  • Odor Control Plan
  • Landfill Data Tracking Form
  • Dirt Certification Form
  • Fill Sequence Plan
  • Soil Management Plan
  • Letter of Destruction
  • Load Growth Curve
  • Monthly Ongoing Job Training Program
  • Employee/Customer Suggestion Forms
  • Landfill Tonnage/Weight Survey Report
  • Operations Plan

Vehicle and Equipment Essentials

Nothing works harder at your facility than your heavy equipment. Day-in and day-out, your equipment fleet works hard under some of the toughest work conditions. Replacing equipment can be very expensive. And a machine in the shop for unexpected repairs can mean lost profits and unhappy customers. Having comprehensive, actionable plans for equipment maintenance and inspections is essential to your operation.

This is a partial list of vehicle and equipment plans that would be part of your overall Vehicle and Equipment Essentials package:

  • Equipment Service & Maintenance Plan
    • Equipment Service Form
    • Equipment Maintenance Form
    • Pre-Trip/Walk-Around Inspection Forms
    • Warranty Tracking
    • EMP Spreadsheet
    • Fuel Tracking Form
    • Machine Utilization Report

Human Resources Essentials

Your crew is the lifeblood of your operation. Ensuring that they are well-trained will improve efficiency and increase safety. Human resources plans start with the first day a new employee starts work to succession planning for when members of your team retire or move to other positions.

This is a partial list of human resources plans that would be part of your overall Human Resources Essentials package:

  • Hiring Forms
  • Employee Handbook
  • Employee Training Program
    • New Hire Orientation Plan
    • Ongoing Training Plan
  • Standard HR Forms
  • Employee Classifications
    • Classification Job Descriptions Sheets
  • Salary Schedule Development
  • Annual Employee Review Program
    • Review Record Sheet
  • Progressive Discipline Forms
  • Succession Planning
    • Supervisor Operations Manual

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