Waste Compaction – 4-Part Webinar Series

Waste Compaction for Maximum Efficiency: 4-Part Series for Landfills

Waste compaction is a cornerstone of landfill operations. A survey we conducted indicated that waste compaction is one of the highest operational priorities for a landfill manager.

By simply having a landfill compactor, using it, and following a few basic protocols, you’ll get good compaction. But if you want to achieve optimum compaction, you must do more.

Choosing the right machine for your facility, maximizing compaction by considering factors like moisture and design, measuring compaction, compaction technique, and striving for optimum density can take your compaction from good to great... and drastically improve your efficiency and bottom line.

This in-depth 4-part series on waste compaction for landfills will explore the basics of landfill compaction, the science and purpose of compaction, design factors (both machine and landfill), the practice of waste compaction, optimum density, and measuring compaction.