Terra-Track provides environmental field services to a wide range of industries and customers throughout the state of California. We specialize in vegetation management, and offer a full range of services for active and closed landfill facilities. We also offer construction, agriculture, and biologically-sensitive projects. Our diverse skill set, specialized equipment, and attention to detail allows us to provide a finished product that is second to none.

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Terra-Track was created in 2009 in response to the growing risk of wildfire, and the growing need for a practical and environmentally responsible means of fuel reduction. We are experts in the construction/waste industry and recognize the necessity of using heavy equipment in the most efficient and environmentally responsible way.

We like to say that Terra-Track offers Engineering Savvy & Environmental Sense.

Terra-Track’s parent company, Blue Ridge Services, Inc., provides engineering/consulting services to the solid waste industry. The president, Neal Bolton, is a registered civil engineer. And, while this doesn’t mean we’re providing you with engineering services, it does mean you’re benefiting from our experience and professional training. We’re trained to look at projects from a broad, practical viewpoint, and if we see a potential issue, we’ll let you know. We are also a Class A contractor – License No. 482821 – licensed under the authority of the California Contractor’s State License Board. And again, while not every project requires a contractor’s license, with Terra-Track you have peace of mind knowing that we are highly qualified and competent. And should your project include work that requires a licensed contractor – light grading, drainage, etc. – we’ve got you covered.

We are bonded as required by the State Contractor’s License Board. Terra-Track is fully insured. All of our workers are covered by Worker’s Compensation insurance and we carry $2million in general liability insurance.

Finally, we provide all of our clients with a written cost estimate and signed contract before starting work on any job. We say what we mean and mean what we say. This is your guarantee that the work will be done right, on time and on budget.

Terra-Track is a subsidiary company of Blue Ridge Services, Inc. (BRS), thus the name: Blue Ridge Services, Inc. DBA Terra-Track. BRS is an engineering company with a 20+ year history of providing safety and operations training to various types of waste disposal and recycling facilities.

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This is not your typical skid steer tractor, nor will you see one like it at a construction site. It is the largest and most powerful skid steer manufactured by the Bobcat Company. It has 92 horsepower and as it sits here, weighs nearly 13,000 pounds. 

Bobcat Pic3

It is equipped with a Forestry Package that includes: ISO 3449 Level II Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS); top and rear windows of ¼ inch polycarbonate, as well as guards to block debris from the muffler, lights and hydraulic components. It also includes headlight protection and this ¾” thick polycarbonate door – which is 250 times stronger than glass. Why this special Forestry Package? It’s designed to protect the machine and the operator while working in thick vegetation.

This rear-mounted winch is rated at 15,000 pounds nearly twice the rating of those you’ll see on pickups or SUVs. It’s useful for moving large, fallen trees and other debris out of the way. And perhaps more importantly …it ensures that when we’re done working in steep, inaccessible areas, our machine is always able to climb back out. Our T320 is equipped with various safety devices including front and rear lights, fire extinguishers and a back-up alarm. To provide an added degree of safety, we’ve also added a high visibility strobe light and this rear-view camera to provide maximum visibility when backing up.

Depending on job conditions, we may also use other attachments for our machine including a bucket, grapple or deck mower. And for projects that require off-haul, we have a large dump trailer that can transport over 5 tons of material per load.

Bobcat Pic2

In addition to our heavy equipment, we also utilize a wide variety of hand and power tools for areas requiring cautious handwork. These include heavy duty weed whackers, brush saws and pole saws. To provide top performance, our hand tools are of the same type and quality as used by the California Department of Forestry and the U.S. Forest Service.

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Our crew is experienced and well-trained, with many years of related experience in the area of heavy construction and/or fire prevention. Each has been thoroughly trained in regard to safety, operation and maintenance of this equipment. They have received various types of hands-on training Every operator has also completed a comprehensive training program developed by the equipment manufacturer which includes videos, training manuals and safety information. Finally, all of our workers have participated in “Fire Safety Training for Contractors,” as required by the California Department of Forestry (CDF).

Neal Bolton, president of our company has 38 years experience in the construction, solid waste and recycling industry. He is an experienced equipment operator and a civil engineer. He manages the company and provides oversight of every project.

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